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Visitors to Titanic Branson - Worlds Largest Museum Attraction will have the opportunity to become a passenger on the giant ocean liners tragic maiden voyage and experience the factual past of this unforgettable moment in history through a number of exhibits and over 400 authentic artifacts.

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This ship-shaped museum is an interactive display that delves into the history of this great ship. Everyone knows the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, but there is so much more to the story. As you enter the Titanic museum Branson, which itself is a half-scale model of the Titanic, you will be handed a ticket with the name of one of the passengers. Make your way through the Branson Titanic exhibits to the Memorial Room, where you will find out if your passenger died or lived through the disaster.

Titanic Branson MO houses many priceless artifacts and historic treasures and allows each visitor to encounter the personal heroic and tragic stories of its passengers. The showpiece is the Grand Staircase, where visitors will experience the beauty of the Edwardian era. This emotional, yet kid friendly journey allows guests to walk the Grand Staircase, see a first class stateroom, touch an iceberg, learn how to send an SOS signal, steer the ship and look back in time with an exclusive Father Browne photographic collection. In total, you will see 20 different rooms of the Branson Titanic museum.

The Titanic Museum in Branson now has a dedicated exhibit to the children who sailed on the Titanic. 133 of the 2,208 passengers were children. Their experiences, thoughts, and feelings are documented and recreated in this first of its kind at the Titanic exhibit Branson. The spotlight on the youngest heroes offers a unique perspective on the voyage at the Titanic in Branson MO.


18-foot Titanic Model – At the Branson Missouri Titanic, see an 18-foot one of a kind scale model of the Titanic. This scale model was built exclusively for the Titanic Exhibit Branson MO by German designer Peter Davies-Garner from original drawings from shipbuilders Harland and Wolff.

Third Class Replica – During your tour of the Titanic Branson Missouri, see what Third Class living quarters were like aboard the Titanic. At the Branson MO Titanic Museum, learn what it was like to stay in Third Class, where the bathroom was located, how many people shared a room, and also learn how much it would cost in modern standards to stay in Third Class living quarters.

Grand Staircase Replica – One exciting highlight of the Branson Missouri Titanic Museum is the Grand Staircase Replica, which was constructed from the original blue prints. At the Titanic Branson MO, guests can walk and admire the Grand Staircase, which cost the Titanic Missouri over one million dollars to construct. The Grand Staircase replica at the Titanic Branson is hand-crafted and features wooden inlays.

First Class Replica – At the Titanic Branson, see what it was like to stay in First Class rooms and also hear stories from First Class survivors. At Titanic museum in Branson Missouri, learn answers to questions like who could afford a First Class room, the cost, and what it was like.

Interactive Bridge Area – The one of a kind Titanic museum in Missouri provides guests the opportunity to step into the Captains bridge to steer the ship. Also, learn more about the voyage from Ireland.

Interactive Child Area – While at the Titanic in Branson MO, step into the interactive children's area to see if you could have climbed the sloping decks of the Titanic as it met its fateful demise. Also at the Titanic Branson MO, learn how to send an SOS signal!

Children's Stories Gallery – During your visit to the Titanic exhibit Branson Missouri, learn about the children of Titanic whose bravery, innocence, and faith will be an inspiration to visitors of all ages.

Memorial Wall – The Titanic Museum Branson also features a memorial wall with the names of over 2,200 Titanic passengers and their stories.

Survivors Wall of Stories – There were 712 survivors of the Titanic, and at the Titanic Branson Museum, guests will learn about their individual journeys and other details of their lives after the sinking of the Titanic.

Titanic Museum Attraction Lobby – In the lobby, guests will receive a “boarding pass” to become a passenger aboard the Titanic after navigating through the “iceberg” entrance into the Titanic Museum attraction Branson.

Worlds First Tribute Gallery – New in 2014, this gallery will show the lives, loves, and legacy of the Titanics eight musicians who drowned out the sadness of that tragic night aboard the Titanic with heroic, self-sacrifice.

The Titanic museum is also one of the highest rated in the area. Just a few of the things people are saying include:

'The best story-telling museum in the world.' -Rick Meade 'The most lavish monument to the sea's most famous disaster.' -USA Today

The Titanic also features several events throughout the year, making the museum a place you will want to visit in every season.


Fifteen-Hundred Magical Luminaries- This event is a sight to behold! The Titanic Museum will light its entrance with more than 1,500 festival lights to welcome visitors and give them a great photo opportunity. This event is one night only, so do not miss out!

Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration - Visit the Titanic during the winter holidays to get an enchanting look into the ship as it is all dolled up for Christmas. The museum will join Branson in kicking off the Annual Ozark Mountain Christmas with official lighting ceremonies, decorations and more.

With the important historical content and fun interactive displays for all ages, the Titanic Museum gives the passengers and crew members a chance to tell their stories and allows visitors to experience life on the huge ocean liner! 

My husband and i went there on our 4th anniversary, and it was so amazing that i am definitely going back there with my family and anyone else who wants to see it. It really made you feel like you were part of the movie experience not to mention the real experience as well.
-- Valerie Hayden - Des Moines, IA
Wonderful museum. I have seen other titanic exhibits and this one had more artifacts and pictures than any other. They also did a fantastic job of personalizing the victims' stories. The staff were friendly and entertaining, particularly captain smith.
-- Joy Rikli - St. Louis, MO
Me and my husband drove down to branson just sight seeing and while we were down there we stopped by the titanic. We were very impressed with the friendly staff and the display of the ship. It felt like we were really visiting the ship its self. The artifacts from the original ship was very interesting and thought provoking. We are planning our next trip to branson and one of our stops while in branson will be the titanic. I would highly suggest this attraction to everyone. You will be very satisfied that you you visited the titanic attraction.
-- Marcella Spahr - Sedalia, Missouri
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