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Bike Branson! Advice on how to include bicycling into your Branson visit


Day-in and day-out, both residents and visitors alike congest 76 Highway to a complete standstill, especially during lunch and the morning & evening show times. This infamous stretch of road is usually the shortest distance to most destinations in Branson, but you may spend an hour or more in stop-and-very-little-go traffic. On top of this, you will probably be eating large portions of the tastiest foods and will look forward to working some of that off. You are also in one of the most beautiful sections of the Ozark Mountains when visiting Branson. All this natural beauty deserves exploration, but not from behind the wheel of a car! As soon as you leave the city, you are faced with gorgeous rolling hills and wooded areas surrounding the city that are just waiting to be explored. Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake are also natural beauties surrounded by trails that your car won't be able to conquer.


Why Drive In Branson When You Can Bike?

So with all of this goodness to be experienced, how should one remedy the motor vehicle hindrance issue? Sure, walking or running are excellent forms of exercise, but it would also take forever to get from one of the theaters on the southern section of the 76 Strip and to go uphill and north to one of the outlet malls or theme parks. And who knows how many days it would take to get from your hotel to one of the lakes!


In the midst of this travel tribulation, you do not have to suffer anymore! A great way to traverse the bounty offered by the Branson area is to bike it. Soar up and down 76 on your own 6-Speed. You and your group will be the envy of every impatient family stuck in their rental cars with broken air conditioning! If you do not have a bike, how about renting one from a place like Trek the Ozarks located right on the Strip? This full-service bike shop will take care of you with all the right equipment and tips you need.


And if you are looking for places to explore, head to the Mark Twain National Forest and ride the Mecca, an 8-mile crushed stone trail for the advanced rider. If you are just starting out in your biking habit, you might want to ride Reno Valley Road, just north of Branson, with its wide roads and sparse hills. There are also paved paths along Lake Taneycomo at North Beach Park that will allow you full view of the loveliness that exists in and around the water.


  • Table Rock Lake

  • Lake Taneycomo

  • 76 Strip

  • Mark Twain National Forest

  • Reno Valley Road

  • North Beach Park

  • White River Valley Trail


Springfield MS150 Near Branson, Missouri

Other biking opportunities exit throughout the area surrounding Branson. The yearly MS150 rides in mid-September from Springfield, Missouri. This town is only 45 minutes away and would definitely be worth a two-day commitment of your visit to the Ozarks. What a great opportunity to bond together with hundreds of other biking enthusiasts and support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis! Just about every town in the Ozark Mountains can claim great biking trails. Springfield has a path that weaves in and out of the renewed downtown and through the isolated parks on the outskirts of this great city. Check it out!


Branson traffic is oft-noted as one of the most bottlenecked traffic jams in the entire country. Why fight it? Bike Branson! Not only will you make it on time to your favorite shows, you will also get some great exercise. Also, when you tire of the city, head out into the rich nature encircling Branson and cruise along, enjoying the fresh air and peacefulness of the forests or lakes. Great adventure lies ahead as you peddle away during your relaxing vacation! Book your hotel accommodations today!

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