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Branson Shows Knows 7/28

Every week, our Branson experts ask our thousands of Facebook fans for questions about the city, shows, restaurants, shopping—anything in Branson they always wanted to know. Our gurus, once a week, select the top queries and hunt down the answers. Here are this week's top questions:

Q: What counties are included in Branson's area appreciation? Do you have a list of all the dates? 

A: Well, what most people don't realize is that area appreciation is actually decided individually by each show or location, so there isn't really a definitive answer to either question. It really depends on the attraction.

Counties which tend to be included are: Taney, Stone, Christian, Green, Douglas, and Ozark in Missouri, as well as Carroll, Boone, and Marion counties in Arkansas. There are a handful of attractions which only require a Missouri or Arkansas license while others only provide discounts to Taney residents. It varies a lot from one business to the next, but Taney is always included.

As far as dates go, some shows and museums offer several area appreciation dates throughout the year, while others do not participate at all. A lot of the dates are during the slow season, but there are some shows which offer discounts around Christmas as well. It's really hit and miss. Good news is that there are usually at least a few attractions each month which offer area appreciation, so there is always something to do! Your best bet to find these dates and counties is to Like the Facebook page of the attraction and look out for advertisements for area appreciation days.

Q: Are there any direct flights from Austin, TX to Branson?

A: You're in luck! There are actually only a few locations that offer direct flights to Branson, and Austin, TX is one of them. Other cities that go straight to Branson include Denver, Houston, and New Orleans. Additionally, visitors can always fly to Springfield (located about 45 minutes away) and drive to Branson if they want to avoid changeovers. There are direct flights to Springfield from eleven different cities around the country including Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Q: Will the Willis Clan be in Branson in September or October?

A: Unfortunately, no, the Willis Clan will not be in Branson at all this year. In fact, looking at their event schedule, it doesn't even look like they'll be in the state the rest of this year. I guess Willis Clan fans will just have to settle with listening to recordings or checking them out elsewhere. You can click here for their tour schedule.

Q: I heard there is a show in Branson that has a comedian who impersonates Barney Fife. Where is the show, and when is it?

A: The show you're referring to is called "Barney Fife... Fully Loaded" and it's currently playing at the Caravelle Theater. The show premiered last year and is back in Branson this year! The show is offered at 2 p.m. but only during the weekdays (Tuesday through Thursday). The show also features impersonations of other television characters including Ralph & Norton from "The Honeymooners." You can get more info or tickets here.

Q: Is there any MMA cage fighting in Branson?

A: Why, yes there is! Branson really does have a little bit of everything. One of the more popular MMA events is ShoFIGHT MMA, which has a handful of events throughout the year. You can check out this year's fights, grab tickets, and get more info here.

Be sure to check back next week for more answers, and don't forget to Like our Facebook page to submit your own questions!

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