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Branson's Premier Attraction, The Branson Landing will Charm Your Ozarks Vacation

Have your Branson vacations been ho-hum of late? Have you seen all the shows, eaten at all the restaurants, shopped all the outlets, and swam in all the hotel pools? No longer will this be true! As of Summer, you will be able to explore the radically renovated Branson Landing. What are we talking about? Well, if you haven't been to Downtown Branson in awhile, an immense renovation is taking place along Lake Taneycomo. What once was a dock area and run-of-the-mill park is now filled with bulldozers, cranes, steel, and literally tons of concrete! All of these parts are slowly melding together to form a one-of-a-kind facility that will revolutionize your Branson Missouri vacation. Top retail stores, restaurants, entertainment options, condominiums and penthouses, and beautiful hotels, and a convention center are blowing in like a breath of fresh air along the curved shoreline of the Lake, while maintaining as much of the Ozark Mountain beauty as can be left unscathed.

So what does this do to you, intrepid vacationer?

Branson Shopping:

First off, it dramatically increases the amount of 'stuff' you can do with your family and/or friends while visiting Branson. A brand new Bass Pro Shop will be planted partially in the lake, allowing visitors to not only stare at the boat of their dreams, but also try it out and see how well it works in the water! 68,000 square feet of the renowned Belk Department Stores will be located here as well and will sell a plethora of items ranging from clothes to cosmetics. Other retail options will be available, so be prepared to include another whole day in your Branson itinerary to explore the shopping opportunities.

Branson Restaurants:

You also do not have to leave to grab food. The Landing will feature a steak house, BBQ, and even a bistro with European flair, with more to be added later. You can also dine at one of the long-time staples of downtown Branson, like the oldest restaurant in town, the Branson Cafe.


You should plan for an increased amount of traffic if you've always used the back roads on the Landing side of town. There will be an increase in visitors to this area. Also, with a 1.5 mile stretch of land suddenly revamped specifically to increase the business and activity of Branson, there could be a huge increase in the volume of cars you will face on the road. And most everyone knows that if you want to go shopping, you had better go during the evening show times, right? This will also change with the new commercial complex as a greater number of people will come to the Branson area to specifically shop.


Finally, you will need to think about the schedule of your trip and the events surrounding the opening of Branson Landing. This will be a major addition to the entire state of Missouri and would be worth planning your summer vacation around. You probably will be disappointed if you miss out on opening day of the Landing because you didn't properly plan for it. Then again, you might just want to plan your getaway before the festivities so that you can have a more peaceful trip.


The Branson Landing looks to be a significant moment in the annals of Branson history, of Missouri history, and even of the country as a whole. Until we have hindsight, no one can predict the impact that this facility will have. All that can be done is to be prepared for it. There literally will not be any district like it in the continental United States; this alone should have a bearing. Secondly, it is being built in Branson, one of the nation's leading tourist attractions, with eight million visitors a year. This number should increase with the new attraction. Above these significant things, though, is this: are you ready for Branson Landing?

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