Fun Tourist Attractions in Branson


The first tourist attraction in Branson was Marvel Cave, which first opened to the public in 1894. For many decades, Marvel Cave was the main draw in the city. However, Silver Dollar City opened its doors in 1960, and around this same time other attractions like the Baldknobbers Jamboree, the Old Mill Theater, and others also opened. Steadily, more and more attractions were added to the area, and today Branson is home to over 50 theaters as well as outlet malls, lake cruises and restaurants, making it a great place to relax and enjoy a fun-filled vacation. The many musical shows in the city are truly one of the most popular draws to the area today. If you are planning a trip to Branson, there are some great shows that you simply will not want to miss. 


Shoji Tabuchi Show


The Shoji Tabuchi Show features the renowned talents of legendary musician and violinist Shoji Tabuchi as well as his talented family and a team of dancers and musicians. The show is truly one of the top shows in the Branson area, and is filled with a variety of tunes from many musical genres including 50s and 60s hits, gospel and classical. Plus, there are beautifully choreographed sequences, rope twirling and polka dancing in this show.


Twelve Irish Tenors


The Twelve Irish Tenors will truly delight you with their incredible talents. This show is entirely about the music, and the rich vocals of this group is the highlight of the show. This incredible group harmonizes their vocals with the perfect pitch and timbre to create beautiful sounds that will stir your soul. As their name suggests, they do perform a few Irish ballads, but their talents extend to other genres, including pop, jazz, swing, opera. In fact, you will even hear some songs from ABBA and the Beatles during the show.


Mickey Gilley


You can't visit Branson without spending time with the great Mickey Gilley at the Mickey Gilley Show! This two hour show features this living musical legend himself, and he will entertain you with his incredible vocals and engaging personality. The show is full of Gilley hits, including many of this 17 Number One hits that he has released over the years.


The Haygoods


Your whole family will have a wonderful time with one of Branson's top entertaining families, the Haygoods. The Haygoods features the talents of seven brothers and their sister, who have beautifully mastered the fine art of a Capella harmony. Their amazing vocal talents aren't the only draw of the show, though. They will also entertain you with their choreographed dance sequences and their talents on a range of instruments including the violin, the harp, the piano and the guitar.




SIX is also a top rated show in Branson, and features six talented brothers who have been featured on TV shows like the Donny and Marie Show. Their jaw-dropping harmonies and incredible talents on a range of instruments are truly moving. The brothers enjoy playing a wide range of music, and their shows have been known to feature songs from Mo-Town and oldies from the 50s and 60s.


With these and other fabulous shows waiting to entertain you in Branson, you are sure to have a fabulous Branson getaway along with beautiful accommodations to enjoy!

Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee Urban Cowboy Reunion Show
The mickey gilley/johnny lee show was the only reason we went to branson, and it was superb! We went two nights, sunday and monday, and the shows were just outstanding. Both of these great artists still sing amazingly well, and both of them bring it and really put on a great show. Plus they are warm and friendly and sign after the show for everyone who wants an autograph or a picture. Well worth the trip, we will be doing this again!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Gary Keck - Salt Lake City, UT
Old Mill Theatre
This was an awesome experience...Better than i could have possibly expected!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Jordan Stone - Farmington, MO
Shoji Tabuchi Show
We were in branson for the roy rogers round-up and most of the activities we participated in were at their museum. We had one time slot to fill with something else and chose shoji tabuchi. It was most enjoyable, unbelievable talent and performance beyond expectation. Tabuchi-san is a very humble performer and very appreciative of his audience. There was so much to see and hear in only 2 hours.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Roy And Jeany - Wisconsin
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