Great Show at The Americana Theatre, Redneck Tenors
Great Show at The Americana Theatre
Great Show at The Americana Theatre, comedy

Great Show at The Americana Theatre

 The Americana Theatre in Branson is well known to present some amazing shows. And topping the list is a great show called 3 Redneck Tenors.




They are world stage opera singers, they are ex-convicts.  They are Broadway stage veterans, they are longneck-guzzling trailer park dwellers.  They are down-home, good ole boys who will crack you up, they are big city classically trained veteran performers.




"They" are 3 Redneck Tenors, and they are performing in Branson, in a best-of-both worlds mix of silly redneck antics and backwoods humor combined with amazing vocal performances from a cross section of musical genres.




The two hour show depicts the tale of how Billy Bob, Billy Joe and Billy Billee rose to stardom from their humble roots in a Texas trailer park.  Its not a straight road, but a winding and hilarious one, and filled with elegant opera, heartfelt gospel, country, rock and pop music.  This show is a unique and entertaining ride, appropriate for all ages.
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