Kirby VanBurch
Kirby VanBurch
Kirby VanBurch and his tiger

Kirby VanBurch Show and Charitable Deeds

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BRANSON, MO -- Kirby VanBurch, known as 'The Prince of Magic', has a bag of tricks certain to grab the attention of audience members of all ages. And when this 'prince' rides into town, he brings a whole lot more than just a suit of armor! As the premier magician in Branson for 9 years, Kirby holds many esteemed honors including international entertainer and magician of the year, and AMA awards for Branson's #1 show and #1 dance troupe.

Kirby VanBurch's Show

Kirby's act includes beautiful exotic animals including lions, tigers, and leopards. His animal family includes a spotted leopard, Spotty; a black leopard, Oscar; an orange Bengal tiger, Nugget; a lion, Merlin; and Branson's most famous cat, a Royal White Bengal Tiger named -- what else -- Branson (who weighs in at a whopping 817 pounds).

In addition to his combination of animals, Kirby's show is also known for his signature illusion - the appearance of a 35' Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter in less than 4 seconds. This trick is recognized as the world's largest and fastest illusion.

Kirby VanBurch's Charitable Deeds

And if being an magician and entertainer were not enough, Kirby is also the founder of Branson's White Tiger Foundation -- a local, not-for -profit organization, dedicated to providing people from all backgrounds with opportunities to improve their lives by helping them to build skills, develop character, enhance self esteem, promote leadership skills, and nurture values. In addition, Branson's White Tiger Foundation is dedicated to promoting community and global awareness of the plight of endangered species, specifically the White Bengal Tiger. Branson's White Tiger Foundation is also dedicated to providing and to assist in providing sanctuary or refuge to endangered species and other animals.

Kirby VanBurch Show
Far from amateurs, both kirby & bambi are international award winning magicians and when you see their show, you will not believe your eyes. They repeatedly perform mind boggling illusions both individually and together. You'll laugh yourself right out of your seat when kirby brings a child on stage to help with an illusion. The child has a good time and is rewarded quite well as a thank you. (sorry, not going to spoil the surprise of what the gifts are, but i know of no child who would not be absolutely thrilled.)
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Joseph - Springfield, MO
The Kirby VanBurch Show
A few weeks ago we visited branson. Needless to say, with a young child that really digs magic. We saw every magic show that branson had to offer, including the sivlver dollar city sideshows. Kirby and bambi, by far, were the absolute best illusionists. Not to mention their wonderful personalities off of the stage. My son went on stage with him for an act and got to take pics with bambi and kirby after the show. Wow was my son excited!! Not only are they great magicians they have wonderful hearts.Thanks kirby and bambi we'll be back at the end of the summer to see the spectacular show again!!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Stacy - Columbia, MO
The Kirby VanBurch Show
We have taken our grandson to branson for the past five years and kirby is the one show we see every year. We are going back in june and i am booking our tickets today. [this is a must see show] last year kirby stayed after the show and worked with our grandson on a magic trick for two hours. God bless you both
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Gary And Pam Killion - Fairview Heights Ill.
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