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Martial Arts in the Ozarks
Martial Arts in the Ozarks, kids activity
Martial Arts in the Ozarks

Martial Arts in the Ozarks

Martial arts is a great way to get healthy, improve self-discipline, focus and concentration and it also encourages respectful behaviors both in the gym and outside of the gym. The Ozarks boasts a large variety of facilities that offer top quality martial arts training so all you have to do is choose! Check out this list of quality martial arts centers in the Ozarks and find the one that best suits you and your family.

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Bolivar Tae Kwon Do
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A leading martial arts studio in Bolivar, Mo., this center has been in the area for 25 years now. With specialized classes for the little ones, Taekwondo courses, Fit For Life aerobics and MMA training, this studio provides students with a variety of options. Self-defense seminars provide practical and realistic tactics for women and children.

Doling Family Center Taekwondo
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Doling Family Center in Springfield, Mo. caters to families with active lifestyles who enjoy spending time together participating in activities like creative arts, outdoor recreation, gardening, dance, aquatics and more. Of course, martial arts is included in that list and the center has hosts martial arts sessions frequently for the whole family to enjoy. From yoga and Pickleball to taekwondo and tai chi — the Doling Family Center has you covered.

Harman's ATA Martial Arts
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This Taekwondo academy in Republic, Mo. offers convenient class schedules ideal for busy families and a variety of classes including a special ATA TIGERS program, customized for ages 3-6 and family style classes for both parents and kids to enjoy. Certified instructors, a friendly atmosphere and the ability to gain a new skill with positive benefits makes this martial arts studio ideal for young learners. Harman's also has a location in Springfield, Mo.

Impact Martial Arts
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With more than 25 years of experience in the Branson, Mo. area, Impact Martial Arts provides professional, family-friendly taekwondo training that is both exciting and life-changing. The Director of Instruction is a 7th degree black belt and he teaches the classes alongside several other experienced instructors. Taekwondo classes for both children and adults are available as well as cross-training in jujitsu, grappling and weapons. If you're interested in private training, this martial arts studio offers that too.

Next Level Sport Karate
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With one of the oldest lineages in the history of martial arts in Springfield, Mo., Next Level Sport Karate is a company that prides itself in its competitive pricing, quality instruction and a family-friendly atmosphere. Choose from advanced and beginner level kickboxing, Hapkido, sparring and taekwondo as well as classes for Little Dragons, ages 4-6. Competitive training is also available.

Nixa Taekwondo
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Located in Nixa, Mo., Nixa Taekwondo not only focuses on the art of Taekwondo, but also specializes in tactical self-defense for people of all ages. The main instructor and owner of the studio is a 4th degree black belt, so you can be assured that you are getting quality training here. A wide range of classes customized for specific age groups are available with convenient scheduling and experienced instructors.

Oracle Taekwondo Academy
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This martial arts studio in Springfield, Mo. teaches martial arts based on the tenets of taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. Classes are available all throughout the week and the Oracle Taekwondo Academy also provides parents with a comfortable area where they can watch their kids in class instead of just dropping them off. Free wi-fi and coffee are available as well! Who knows, you might just end up signing yourself up for a class after you see how fun it is.

Osborn's School of Taekwondo
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Osborn's School of Taekwondo in Springfield, Mo. offers a free week of classes to wet your appetite for learning the art of taekwondo. If you decide to commit to a class, month to month rates are available so you don't have to feel like your trapped in a contract and competitive martial arts are also available if you're interested in going a step beyond the weekly classes.

Springfield Taekwondo Academy
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Springfield Taekwondo Academy in Springfield, Mo. provides an ever-changing array of classes for both children and adults. Learn self-defense or taekwondo from experienced instructors well-versed in the tenets of taekwondo. Classes are available most days of the week, so scheduling shouldn't be a worry even for the busiest of families.

Willard Taekwondo Center
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Family-oriented Taekwondo training is what you'll find at this studio in Willard, Mo. Whether you're looking for the competitive angle of this martial art, a fun way to get in shape or a productive and rewarding way for your children to spend their free time, Willard Taekwondo Center is the place to go. In addition to classes on Taekwondo and mixed martial arts, this center also offers Yin Yang Yoga, cardio kickboxing and fitness training, tumbling and a Little Warriors class for pre-K children only.

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