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Night and Day Branson Balloon Brings New Heights to Branson Attractions

Ask your family and friends some things they'd like to do in their lifetime and you'll be surprised how often a hot air balloon ride comes up. The Branson Balloon is the perfect way to add this experience to your repertoire in an affordable way. Seeing the area from the heights of the hot air balloon gives unique perspective to the city and if you have kids, it's wonderful to see the excitement on their faces as the balloon goes up, up, and up.


Over 2 million visitors to the area have braved the high rise and most come back for another ride at some point. Branson Balloon has quite the resume, being the largest tethered helium balloon in the nation. It stands 10 stories tall, and has a ring-shaped metal carrier that holds up to 30 passengers per ride. The climb ascends to an altitude of 500 feet and the total trip lasts about 15 minutes. You'll appreciate the graceful winds as they blow through the balloon gates at heights your bare skin may never have felt before.


During the day, the views provide a scenic painting of Branson's foliage and Ozark Mountains, including Table Rock Lake as it reflects the sunlight in an array of colors. In the evening, as the town is lit with the glamour of the night, gleaming like a string of jewels, the view is unparalleled. It will be like looking at two night skies as you float straight into them.


Open every day of the week for the entire year, the only thing that will prevent the balloon from its daily climb to the top is inclement weather. This is truly the safest way to fly and will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Whether you simply want to see the spanning view of the city, or take in some quiet reflection on nature beyond any other, grab the wings of this flight and hold on tight. You won't regret it.

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