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Roy Rogers Jr. & The High Riders Revive the Past in Branson, MO

Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr. & The High Riders: A Musical Tribute to The King and Queen of the West.


Do you miss Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and their music, as many fans of the American West do? Even if you're too young to remember seeing Roy and Dale on television or in movies, you surely remember one of their most famous songs..."Happy Trails." Either way, you won't want to leave Branson without seeing their similarly-talented son, Roy Jr. also known as "Dusty" and his band, The High Riders and their musical tribute to Roy and Dale and their songs of the old West.


Roy Rogers Jr. and the High Riders put on two performances daily at the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum. You can find them in the small, intimate, 325-seat, Happy Trails Theater at the museum. The show creates a very personal connection with Dale and Roy. Expect to hear western music and cowboy classics like "Happy Trails," "Cool Water," "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," "Blue Prairie," "Sky Ball Paint," and many other greats. The performance is so Roy-like that you'll think you've gone back in time to see the real original Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sing just for you!


As an added bonus, other members of the Rogers-Evans family join the show from time to time. If you happen to come when they're in town, you might see Roy Jr.'s niece, Rogers Legacy or his nephew Rob Johnson and his band Heritage perform. Roy Jr. thought the world of his parents and takes time during the performance to help you understand a little more about their lives both on and off stage. He'll share with you what it was like to grow up the son of the "King of Cowboys" and "The Queen of The West." Dusty shares childhood memories and family stories with you, the audience. He also offers a question and answer session during the show. Here, you'll have the opportunity to ask him, first-hand, what growing up near Roy Rogers and Dale Evans was really like. He'll talk about their family values and culture in a very personal manner.


So, tether your horse out front, dust off your boots, come on in and take a load off those weary traveling feet and get ready for one of the best shows you're likely to see this year. Roy Jr. and the High Riders will be there, waiting to take you back into the time of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans through this nostalgic, family-oriented tribute to his parents

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