Show Spotlight: Clay Cooper's Country Music Express

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Branson, Missouri is filled with fabulous shows, and Clay Cooper's Country Music Express is no exception. Clay Cooper is a country music veteran who is entering his fourth year with this high energy Branson show, but this year he has his own theatre on West Highway 76. The New Clay Cooper Theatre is spacious and comfortable and is equipped to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner one hour before the shows. The show boasts old and new country music as well as comedy, dancing, guns slinging, rope tricks, and much more.


Clay moved to Branson in 1986 when he became a member of the Texas Goldminors and since then, has also performed in Country Tonite, Paul Harris Live, and other venues. This magnificent two hour show also features several of Clay's family members including Clay's beautiful wife, Tina, and his adorable children, Cassidy and Colt as well as other performers who are no strangers to country music.  


Johnny Lonestar, who you may have seen on NBC's America's Got Talent, has joined the show and will amaze you with his rope twirling talent, gun slinging abilities, and whip cracking crowd pleasers. Also enjoy Matt Gumm, an incredibly funny comedian, 10-year-old singer Carrigan Bradley, musicians R.P. Harrell, Melody Hart, Mark Morton, and John Lance, and dancers Tim Lewis, Jennifer Turner, Kelly Smith, Tim Ehrenberg, Todd Coker, Jill Fitzpatrick, Joseph Pilgrim, and Nathan Applegate. Gareth Sever and Matt Levingston who are performers in the Buckets n' Boards show also share their music, dancing, and comedic talents in Clay Cooper's Country Music Express. This knee slapping, foot tapping show is chocked full of talent and is appropriate for all ages, so bring the entire family.


The Clay Cooper Theatre is also home to other shows, such as banjo picking Buck Trent, country singer Neal McCoy, the hilarious Buckets n' Boards, and the country music show Swingin' Doors.

Neal McCoy
Loved his show. Had great seats. He is a great entertainer and a true patriot. This was veterans week!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Mary Pate - Hallsville, TEXAS
Clay Cooper's Country Music Express
One of the best we've ever seen, including some of the finest artists in pigeon forge,tn. There is variety sprinkled throughout the show that brings about lots of fun and laughter yet there are beautiful tributes to some great legends. The talent is fabulous and everyone on stage seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. Of course little colt is the star of the show. He's just simply amazing and not only is he an adorable young man but so very brilliant. We definitely will go see the show again when we come back to branson. I especially enjoyed the conway twitty songs. Clay was so good on those songs that i could have sat there for the 2 hours listening to nothing but conway.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Sheila & Randy - Rome, GA
Clay Cooper's Country Music Express
This was our first show of our first visit to branson and it turned out to be the highlight of our stay! What a talented young man with an equally talented cast, each one of whom seemed to be enjoying their time together as much as we enjoyed watching them. We were fortunate to have front row seats which gave us an opportunity to interact with clay. When clay asked my husband if he ever sang love songs to me he got a negative response. Clay made sure that i got serenaded. We've watched that part of the dvd over and over.(yes, you can buy a dvd of the show you attend!) clay cooper was a new name to us when we arrived in branson, but you better belive his show will be at the top of our list when we return. We'll enjoy watching his darling four year old son colton as he blossoms in show business.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Marsha And Hugh - Buffalo, New York
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