Sight and Sound Theatre and Noah the Musical


Though Noah the Musical is no longer playing at Sight and Sound Theatre, there are other awesome shows going on. Click here to see all of the new shows at Sight and Sound.

Current Shows Playing at Sight and Sound:

Sight and Sound Theatre is one of the most impressive theaters in Branson. The theater has often been referred to as a Christian Broadway, bringing vivid theatrical performances suitable for the stages of Broadway but with uniquely Christian themes. Most of the performances at the Sight and Sound Theatre makes use of trained animals and creative set design often reaching forty feet into the air. To add to the incredible sensory experience of a show at this theater, the theater also uses a mechanical stage, 3D video imaging, pyrotechnics, and even laser lighting effects to bring Bible stories to life.

You can enjoy Noah The Musical on stage at the Sight and Sound Theatre. Noah The Musical brings the story of Noah and his ark to life in a larger-than-life depiction, enhanced by the many theatrical elements of the theater. The story sticks to the biblical account, delving into God revealing the upcoming flood, followed by Noah and his three sons' effort to build the ark and gather various animal species from across the planet. While the story of Noah is very familiar to most, you simply haven't experience the awe and magnitude of Noah's efforts and the forces of the flood until you have seen Noah The Musical live on stage at the Sight and Sound Theatre.

After the conclusion of the run of Noah The Musical, the Miracle of Christmas hits the stage at the Sight and Sound Theatre to kick the holiday season off right. The Miracle of Christmas will remind your family of the reason for the season, recreating the story of Nativity live on stage. This presentation also features live animals and other theatrical elements to inundate your seasons and bring the story to life for you, as well as a massive thirty-foot Christmas tree. There's no better way to get your family in the holiday spirit than with the Miracle of Christmas at the Sight and Sound Theatre.

Give your family the impressive experience of a full sensory production at the Sight and Sound Theatre, where biblical stories come to life for you on stage.

Samson at Sight and Sound Theatres® Branson
Everything about this experience was amazing. From the friendly parking crew to the grand and beautiful foyer to the customer service at the ticket counter to the gift shop to the concessions stand, we were wowed before we even walked into the auditorium. The sights and sounds in the theater were really thrilling. The set, the props, the philistines swinging over the crowd, the live animals--there was a fun surprise at every turn. The acting wasn't exactly tony award winning, but it was very good and the insight of the show's writing and entire production quality didn't leave much time to think about it. I live over 7 hours away and i'm seriously considering making sure i make the drive to catch every future sight and sound production. It was that good.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Loretta Bushlack - Central City, IA
Miracle of Christmas at Sight & Sound Theatre Branson
This show was amazing!! Everything was so vivid, the cast did a great job and the whole experience really made you think about what things were really like back then, especially for mary and joseph and their families. All the special effects from the flying angels to the battles and the live animals, i cannot wait to get to go back again!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Meghan Goade - Kirksville, MO
Miracle of Christmas at Sight & Sound Theatre Branson
Best show of the trip for me--fantastic theater. The cast was marvelous--just a wonderful time experiencing the true christmas story. The decorations in the lobby were breathtaking! Awesome experience for our first night in branson.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Janette Turner - Brandon, MS
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