Visiting College of the Ozarks - A Great Reason To Travel To Branson, MO, historic
Visiting College of the Ozarks - A Great Reason To Travel To Branson, MO, homemade goods
Visiting College of the Ozarks - A Great Reason To Travel To Branson, MO

Visiting College of the Ozarks - A Great Reason To Travel To Branson, MO


Just a little ways further down Highway 65, past all the normal Branson exits, you will find the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri; this school has been voted in several surveys, conducted by U.S. News And World Report, as one of the top 20 liberal arts colleges in the Midwest for ten years running. The Wall Street Journal gave one of the most honoring names to this school; it truly embodies what the College of the Ozarks seeks to achieve: Hard Work U.

College of the Ozarks Work Ethics


Why is the college known for hard work? Students must work part-time during the school year in one of several possibly on-campus jobs that could range from computer lab monitoring to writing for the school newspaper. Not only are these students expected to do well in academia, they are also expected to excel in their work studies. Students are graded on their efforts in both situations! The school really hopes to develop young men and women who are prepared to enter into the rest of their lives by way of Academic, Vocational, Spiritual, Patriotic and Cultural experiences.

College of the Ozarks Campus


Not only is College of the Ozarks a great educational hub, it is also a beautiful place to visit! As you are planning to vacation in the Branson area, make a day out of visiting the campus grounds. Maintained by the students, the campus grounds are simply beautiful! Flower arrangements, construction projects, art displays; all are thoroughly cared for and updated. There always seems to be a new beautification project going on! There are also several points of interest within the campus.

College of the Ozarks Tourist Attractions


The Williams Memorial Chapel and Hyer Bell Tower have stood as centerpieces of the historical side of the college since 1958. The Chapel has an 80-foot-high vaulted ceiling and services are held Sundays at 11AM. It is a beautiful testament to hard work and artistic architecture. The Ralph Foster Museum is a collection of Ozark Mountain history and includes items from natural history, firearms, art and other areas of interest. The Greenhouses are home to the Clint McDade orchid collection, numbering over 7,000 plants. There are also many other gorgeous flowers, ferns and one-of-a-kind finds; you can even buy some to take home with you! The Fruitcake and Jelly Kitchen bakes over 100 cakes a day and also puts out some of the finest jellies and preserves you will find! You can not only tour the facility but also purchase some of the handmade goods. All of these facilities are worked by students who will be glad to help you out.

The College of the Ozarks is a great school preparing well-rounded adults and it is a great point of interest to tour during your Ozarks visit. Stop on by and take a campus tour if you have a prospective college student in your family, or at least collect some information for them in case they might be interested. You can pick up some handmade crafts, foods and other items at the Welcome Center or the Fruitcake and Jelly Kitchen. Enjoy your visit to Hard Work U and see how all that Hard Work is paying off for a most attractive campus environment!

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