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Weather in Branson, Missouri

Summer is the most popular time to visit Branson, and it's also the hottest. If cooler temperatures are more to your liking, the live entertainment capital of the world has something to offer during all seasons.

Branson's summer weather in June, July and August features high temperatures in the low 90s and lows in the 50s and 60s. You'll want to pack shorts, short-sleeved shirts, other lightweight clothing and a pair of sunglasses. Monthly rainfall during summer is about 3.7 inches, so pack along some rain gear as well.

The city's most moderate temperatures are typically in spring and fall, when they range between 50 degrees and 80 degrees. Bring along a light jacket for the cooler nights. The spring months can be wet and prone to thunderstorms, so an umbrella is a must to deal with the average monthly rainfall of 4 inches. Fall precipitation averages 3.7 inches per month.

Winters in Branson are mild, but the colder temperatures between December and March necessitate a winter coat, hat, gloves, and warm sweaters. Those months can see highs of about 60 degrees and lows in the 20s and 30s. It's a bit milder in November, with highs between 50 degrees and 63 degrees and lows averaging between 30 degrees and 40 degrees. Winter typically sees total snow accumulation between 1 and 2 inches.

Your best bet is to check out the weather before you head out so you can plan for what's ahead. To do this, you can take a look at our Branson weather page. 

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