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3 Redneck Tenors
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What's New in Branson for 2011

New shows, new faces and exciting productions continue to come to Branson each year, and 2011 promises to be no different. Check out some of these great performances and additions coming on the scene for the upcoming year, and don’t forget to see some of your classic favorites as well. It’s a promising time for Branson attractions once again!

New Shows

3 Redneck Tenors
Three of the most experienced actors in the show business, Alexa Bumpas, John Wilkerson and Matthew Lord, provide you with song and dance in this hilarious comedy that tells the story of three small-town Texas singers that make it to the big leagues when a talent scout finds them. The cast lineup and incredible knowledge of Candace Evans, the choreographer, makes this a show you won’t soon forget.

Alabama Revival
The God and Country Theater welcomes a band that will be performing tribute to the famed artist, Alabama, to its doors in 2011, and you’ll hear many of the band’s top hits, including, “Song of the South,” “Why Lady Why,” “Face to Face” and “Dixieland Delight.” Fans will thoroughly enjoy this production that takes them back decades. As with most of the shows in Branson, this show if family-friendly, so bring along the kids as well to see a sparkling performance!

Icon Theater
Branson’s newest theater to the city, the Icon Theater, will be incorporating more shows and legends during its 2011 season, such as Bobby Rydell, Gary Puckett, Patty Page, Dody Stevens and Chubby Checker. This theater is home to the entertaining Rat Pack.

New Additions

Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours
Along with the three main tours visitors can participate in while at Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours, they now have the option to try a fourth tour, the Wolf Creek Photo Safari. You’ll start out at the top of the Wolfe Mountain beside Teepee Tower after a fun ride in one of the dependable Pinzgauer Swiss Army Troop Carriers. A tour guide will lead the tour group back down the mountain, walking past great nature photo opportunities for the camera. Listen and learn as your tour guide provides with facts about Wolfe Creeks’ past and developments on this 1.5 hour tour.

Andy Williams and Ann Margret
Teaming up for 2011, these legendary performers will be putting on a once-in-a-lifetime show for six weeks, from September 12 – October 22 at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater. Andy Williams has performed high-energy songs and hits for more than 60 years, and he hasn’t lost his touch yet. The beautiful Ann Margret is a veteran in the world of performance, with two Academy Awards and five Gold Globes.

New Locations

Two famed legends will be performing at The Mansion Theatre this year, Tim Conway and Johnny Mathis. Conway is best known for his star role on the Carol Burnett Show, and he’ll be bringing audiences back to the good ol’ days with his comedic performances. Johnny Mathis, a national star that has sold over 350 million records, will give a highly anticipated show on November 18 and 19.

Tony Roi, the experienced impersonator of Elvis, will be moving from the Americana Theatre to the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in 2011. His show incorporates many of the hit songs and dance that Elvis Presley performed throughout his career.

The Caravell Theater will be holding the Osmond Brothers show this year. The brothers have a full range of instrumental and vocal talents, playing several different genres for their family show.

Doug Gabriel will be taking his show to the Music City Center for a great show that incorporates all of the fun songs and hits of last year. The Music City Center has recently finished a large renovation project, so audiences are sure to enjoy the shows even more.

Todd Oliver is still performing, but he’s moved his act from the small show on the Branson Belle to the Jim Stafford Theatre, where audiences can continue to enjoy his knee-slapping comedy with his “talking” dogs and other antics.


Come out to the Titanic Museum’s fifth annual professional Ice Carving taking place on January 15. The event is likely to attract ice carvers from miles around and each will have the opportunity to create a work of art from a 250 pound block of ice.

Make room for new shows on the Branson Belle, as this year the boat highlights the performances of The Showmen, an exciting group that performs both modern hits clear back to songs from the 1960’s. The boat also features powerful violinist Janice Martin, who is also a talented pianist and singer.

Louise Mandrell is a powerful solo performer that is normally in Nashville, but this year she’s decided to kick it up a notch by partnering with Lee Greenwood in the Welk Resort Theatre from September 12 - October 22. You won’t want to miss it!

Legendary singer and songwriter Bill Anderson is back in the swing of things with his “Country Music Reunion,” bringing in new stars and old favorites, with country stars such as Jeanie Seeley, Jim Ed Brown and a full band. Anderson has been a star since the 1950s, with hit songs such as “Still” and “Po’ Folks.”

Larry's Country Diner
Love this show on rfd tv and especially live at branson.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Donald Ross - Belton, MO
Showboat Branson Belle Lunch & Dinner Cruises
My family and i had a wonderful time on the branson belle boat. The meal was wonderful and to know that you had other meal options for my daughter that has celiac diease and she was able to be apart of this was a comfort to me, thank you. We also enjoyed the extra concert afterwards under the gazebo as we were walking back to the car. That evening was the rolf family. It was nice to see their warm smiles and we were even able to chat with them after wards. It was a treat all the way around. Thank you so much, keep up the good work. Thank you and god bless!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Nancy Doyans - Aurora, IL
Johnny Mathis Christmas Show at The Mansion Theatre
Excellent show, excellent facility!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Jerry McCarty - Jackson, MI
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