Stone Hill wine
Wine tasting at Stone Hill Winery
The wine cellar

Wine Tasting at Stone Hill Winery

The story of the Stone Hill Winery is nearly as old as the hills.  First Established in 1847 among the hillsides along the Missouri River in Hermann, MO, an area reminiscent of the Rhine Valley in Germany, the Winery grew to be the second largest in the United States.  Producing renowned wines that took top honors in eight world fairs.


The winery faced a serious setback, when Prohibition stopped their production in 1920, and the fabulous arched underground cellars, the largest series of vaulted cellars in America, became a mushroom growing facility instead.




The current owners, Jim and Betty Held bought the winery in 1965 and began the arduous task of restoring the cellars, buildings and vineyards.  They have brought Stone Hill back to the glory of producing award winning wines and are committed to the continual improvement of its viticulture.  Using French-American hybrid grapes, including Vidal, Vignoles, and Chardonel, the winery produces sophisticated wines comparable to Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Their absolute pride is their Norton, a full-bodied red which dominates in national and international competitions.  The Hermann winery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Helds welcome visitors.




They also have a Branson Attraction, where they offer free guided tours of the sparkling wine and cream sherry production.  The tour includes a video viewing, and finishes in one of the six on-site tasting rooms.  With your score sheet in hand, so you know what to purchase when you get to the retail shop, you are introduced to the wines, from dry to sweet, white and red.  They also produce grape juice and sparkling grape juice that you may sample.  If you visit during the holiday season, you may be treated to a spiced mulled wine, that really warms the soul, and makes the whole place smell like Christmas.




In the retail space, in addition to a well stocked supply of wine, you'll discover numerous wine related gift items, from novelty corkscrews, to grape leaf jewelry, wine glasses of many varieties, and cheeses and crackers to blend perfectly with the wine selections. If you're planning a trip to Branson, find fun things to do and great places to stay
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