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Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO

This huge compound has everything one could want for outdoor supplies and much more. Founded by John L. Morris in 1971, this popular shopping complex has grown to an impressive stature in the community as the headquarters of the chain.  With every outdoors product one could imagine, the Bass Pro Shop has expanded to include a Wildlife Museum, Hemmingways, the in-house quality restaurant with a large aquarium and seafood bar, and the many tanks and aquariums throughout the facility.

Bring the kids for a visit with the ancient turtles, and enjoy the entryway decked with an incredible outdoors scene, including bears, deer and other wildlife.  You'll feel that you stepped into the ultimate outdoors park, but the quality merchandise will keep the group busy for hours.

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Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO
1935 S. Campbell
Springfield, MO 65807
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AWESOME YEE HAW WHOO HOO WOW I finally got my husband to GO TO the newly opened shop in Rancho Cucamonga, California to check out the pontoon boats and the rest of the store. Pick one of the words above and that will describe how he felt. 5 Star Plus Rating Thanks! Rhonda Fleming-Daly
Rhonda Fleming-Daly - Hesperia, CA
Your store in Springfield is Outstanding! We have been going there for over 10 Years and loved every minute! Keep up the great job! I am a teacher and you get an A in my book!
Betty Rand-Lathrop - Aurora,MO
Herman W. Broom Jr. - Pace, Florida

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