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Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO

This certified haunted castle is awaiting you and your family in Springfield, Missouri, located just 30 minutes north of Branson. Pythian Castle was originally built in 1913 and used as an orphanage, and later was bought by the U.S. Military and used by them for more than 50 years. It totals a whopping 40,000 square feet, full of 55 rooms. Of these rooms, there are dungeons, ballrooms, and even a theater. It is a local legend among Springfield area citizens.

Today, Pythian Castle hosts dance lessons, murder mystery dinners, and other special events. Admission is not free, but Pythian Castle is a must-see and well worth the small admission fee.

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Pythian Castle
1451 E Pythian St
Springfield, Mo 65802
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