The Twelve Irish Tenors, Singers
The Twelve Irish Tenors, Singers/Performers
The Twelve Irish Tenors - Singers
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The Twelve Irish Tenors, Singers
10 Photos

Twelve Irish Tenors

Location: King's Castle Theatre ,  
Twelve Irish Tenors

The finest voices in Ireland are brought together to share their amazing vocal talent as the Twelve Irish Tenors, taking the world by storm as they perform their award-winning show in concert halls!

The Twelve Irish Tenors have updated their name to the Dublin's Irish Tenors and are now performing with The Celtic Ladies. Make sure to check out their new show, Dublin's Irish Tenors and The Celtic Ladies.
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The Tenors’ powerful voices and enchanting harmonies made them an overnight hit, and they are selling out tours in Europe and America when they are not performing in Branson. The singers’ voices shine as they perform traditional Irish ballads, but that’s not all they do – opera, pop, jazz, classical, and more are all included in the show. Songs include 'Danny Boy,' 'That’s Life,' 'You Raise Me Up,' 'Hey Jude,' 'Nessun Dorma,' 'Twist and Shout,' 'Yesterday,' 'Cocklies and Mussels,' 'Music of the Night,' and more great songs!

Each of the Tenors is wonderfully talented in his own right, but these twelve voices blend together to create a whole new thrilling sound! The Irish Tenors’ beautiful singing is complemented by dance and lighting effects to create a simple show that is nonetheless unforgettable.

We saw several concerts while in branson. This was actually not a scheduled concert for us, but we had room to fit it in near the end of our week in branson. This is by far the best concert that we saw...And all were wonderful! We bought the cd and even though we have many in our car player, the twelve irish tenors is the only one that we listen to! This group not only has top quality harmonies that are absolutely amazing, but they also add the element of entertainment in their show which adds to the top quality of their singing! You can certainly tell that they love singing. This concert is certainly at the top of my list for the next visit to branson! Thanks for the fabulous entertainment, guys!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Lori Cummings - Beaverdam, Nb Canada
Absolutely superb! We just loved this show. Their is so much energy and fantastic singing that makes this show a top-rated show in our opinions. There were so many people crowded around them and my husband did not want to wait, but would have loved to have gotten their autographs so we knew who was who. They did introduce themselves but did not retain their names. We did buy the cd and the dvd but discovered that the performers where not all the same as the ones we saw. Wish they would put their pictures and their names on something...Cd, dvd, or, for us, the internet so we knew who we saw. But cannot stress enough...Absolutely fantastic show!!!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Paul & Carolyn - Crossville, TN
Wow! What an amazing time! We enjoyed it so much that we went 2 days in a row-front row both times, and it was awesome!!!! The show was just as great, if not better, the second time. I highly recommend this to anyone. If you could only see one show while in branson, go see these guys! I bought the cd and have practically worn it out.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Jennifer - West Des Moines, IA

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