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Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson: Joseph and Miracle of Christmas

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Although the inspirational and energy-packed Joseph and Miracle of Christmas have stopped playing at the Branson Sight and Sound Theatre, you can now get ready for the epic adventure of Jonah, portraying the story of Jonah and the Whale!

In the past, the Sight and Sound Theatre has brought you lovable favorites like Noah the Musical, and like those of the past, Joseph, and Miracle of Christmas as shown in November and December, will not disappoint! Joseph’s production features outstanding performances by a large cast, special effects, unforgettable songs, and heart-warming stories. As a popular biblical story, Joseph is a great parallel to the character of Jesus, showing forgiveness and integrity in the time of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” mentality. The story shows a timeless truth that inspires generations to show the same good qualities as are portrayed in this production!

Watch how Joseph is able to overcome family abandonment to eventually become the right-hand man of Egypt’s king, of course with the help of God. Experience a cast of 45 professional actors and dozens of live animals on stage and in the aisles. Witness dream sequences, and enjoy the larger-than-life staging. You can watch as Joseph flies above the audience in his colorful coat, and be mystified by the spectacular Egyptian palace, spanning 300 feet and wrapping around three sides of the audience. This production also features 20 original songs that will stay with you for many months!

During the Christmas season, Joseph will depart, and Miracle of Christmas will take its place. The Sight and Sound Theatre is transformed into a Christmas palace, complete with extensive greenery, sparkling lights, and a 30-foot-tall Christmas tree. Miracle of Christmas is an interactive performance that follows the story of Mary, Joseph, and the birth of Jesus, allowing the audience to engage the characters in the production. This is a one-of-a-kind way of illustrating Jesus’ birth, featuring detailed costumes, live animals, and Christmas cheer! 3D video imaging, pyrotechnics, and state-of-the-art special effects accompany the show, thrilling the whole family and reminding everyone of the true meaning of Christmas!

As one of Branson’s most popular venues, the Sight and Sound Theatre brings classic Bible tales like Joseph to life through story, song, and spectacular sets and production. This theater features a high-tech facility, complete with mechanical stage, 3D videos, pyrotechnic engineering, and lasers! Expect to be dazzled with the sets towering over 40 feet in the air, along with the live music and special effects!

The Sight and Sound Theatre is the best destination for spectacular Christian productions, both entertaining and uplifting. These stories will make you laugh, smile, and cry, and cause your heart to melt!

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I absolutely loved it......
Miracle of Christmas at Sight & Sound Theatres® Branson
We were in awe of the professionalism and amazed at the stage sets and their ability to create new landscapes in a manner of minutes. All of us will be back to visit this venue again. Only con was the theater was too warm.
Sara Nunnelee - Universal City, TX
Miracle of Christmas at Sight & Sound Theatre Branson
My Mom and Dad took us for a weekend as a Christmas present. we went to the Miracle of Christmas on a Saturday night. We had 19 people in our group and everybody loved it!!!!!!!!! so excellent. clean bathrooms, comfortable seating, and the true story of Christmas. My kids never got bored once throughout the whole show. I have 3 boys who are 9, 8 and 3 years old
Teresa Johnston - Dixon, MO
Noah The Musical at Sight & Sound Theatre Branson
I was a little uncomfortable with 'Jesus' coming out of the cross at the end and talking to us-that is not what we teach in our religion but the overall experience was marvelous. We enjoyed the theater and the music was so well done. It was so awesome when all the animals appeared in the ark!!! Our overall experience was very positive. I would see it again but leave when the brothers left to preserve the 'feeling' I got from the production.
Cheri Shaner - Omaha, NE

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