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Kirby VanBurch Magic Show

Location: Crystal Theatre at the Lodge of the Ozarks,
As of 2015 Kirby is no longer playing in Branson.

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Kirby VanBurch Magic Show
Detail The show lasts approximately 90 minutes.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Seating Options Available: Wheelchair Seating, Aisle Seating, Limited / No Stairs Seating
Detail Neither Cameras nor Video Cameras are Permitted
Detail Gift Shop On-site
Kirby VanBurch Magic Show Collage
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Kirby VanBurch Magic Show CollageAmazing Tricks at Kirby VanBurch Magic ShowAssistant at Kirby VanBurch Magic ShowSlicing at Kirby VanBurch Magic Show

Now, in Branson, one of the world's most accomplished magicians, Kirby VanBurch takes the stage where he will baffle you with his sleight of hand illusions, his card tricks, his sword play, and evitation and more during this awesome magic show!  Experience how Kirby has perfected his craft over the years as he gives you a glimpse into the world of magic with unbelievable feats.  He'll leave you perplexed at how he pulls off illusion after illusion with ease.

After years of large scale illusions and magic tricks, Kirby is in Branson, and now introducing a more intimate magic show, as he invites you and your family to experience his illusions up close and personal right before your eyes.  Joining Kirby onstage is the lovely Bambi VanBurch, the world's most awarded female magician. Her astonishing mind-reading skills will have you wondering just how she does it when she recites the serial number off a ten dollar bill plucked from the audience and correctly identifies random audience member's belongings, all while being blindfolded on stage.
These two seasoned performers spend the majority of the show down in theatre aisles, so watch out!  You just may be selected to join in  the act!  And you really won't believe these mind-boggling illusions! For the best vacation experience in Branson, be sure to check out other things to do in the area!

About Kirby VanBurch

At the age of seven, Kirby's love for magic began when he performed more simple tricks for friends and family.  His passion for magic grew, and since then, he has been entertaining audiences with unbelievable illusions, mastering bigger and more difficult illusions as he goes. Kirby moved to Las Vegas and became the youngest star in downtown "Glitter Gulch," and his success quickly followed.  Large crowds flocked to his Nevada productions, and he gained national attention with a death-defying escape stunt that resulted in his induction into the Ripley's Believe it Or Not! museum.  He traveled the world performing in more than 37 countries and after he was invited to perform at the Royal Palace in Thailand, The Princess of Thailand nicknamed him “The Prince of Magic." 

About Bambi VanBurch

At the age of 5, Bambi started her dance career, and through high school and college, she continued dancing on dance teams.  In 2002, she auditioned for the Kirby VanBurch show, and began performing as a dancer and assistant, working her way up to the leading female magic assistant.  Falling in love with the art of illusion, Bambi perfected her craft, and from 2007 through 2009, earned awards like as "International Female Magician of the Decade," and "International Female Magician of the Year," and at NBC’s World of Magic Awards, she earned the title, "Illusionist of the Year."
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Sarah Lantrip
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Excellent show!! "
Excellent show!! Kirby and bambi should be playing vagas, but i'm glad they are in branson!
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Barb Fountain
St. George, Kansas
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Bambi and Kirby are fantastic"
My husband and i took our three grandchildren to branson. Our six-year- old grandson saw the kirby sign and wanted to go see the show. We went and had great seats! Kirby picked our four-year-old grandson, michael, out of the audience to assist him after the first child picked no longer wanted to stay on stage. Needless to say, kirby was great with michael even though michael became shy with him. Bambi and kirby are fantastic and we loved the story his grandmother shared with him that he shared with all of us at the end of his show. Great job, bambi & kirby, keep the faith and god bless you always!!
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Tom Martin
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"We will see this show again"
Very good. We will see this show again
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Samantha Carpenter
Pierre Part Louisiana
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"My Favorite thing in Branson. "
This was a really interesting show. My favorite thing in branson. Especially the christmas spectacular.

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