Precious Moments Chapel & Park in Carthage, MO

4105 Chapel Road Carthage, MO 64836

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The Precious Moments Chapel, also known as 'America's Sistine Chapel', has more than 9,000 square feet of biblical artwork painted on the walls and ceiling of the Chapel.

The Precious Moments Chapel, also known as 'America's Sistine Chapel', has more than 9,000 square feet of biblical artwork painted on the walls and ceiling of the Chapel.

The Precious Moments Chapel, also known as 'America's Sistine Chapel', has over 9000 square feet of biblical artwork painted on the actual walls and ceiling of the Chapel. Many handmade stained glass windows with biblical messages adorn the exterior of the Chapel. Hand carved bronze plates depicting the old and new testaments greet you at the front of the Chapel as well as hand carved Philippine wood doors.

The artist, Samuel J. Butcher, was inspired by Rome's Sistine Chapel and felt directed by the Lord to build the Chapel in Carthage, MO to share the promise of hope, love and inspiration. The Precious Moments Chapel brings hope and articulates a sense of divine purpose in the midst of the tragedy of losing a loved one. Inspired by the stories of children who lost their lives at a young age, the Hallelujah Square mural depicts children living on for eternity in Heaven.  All of the murals combined cover nearly 5,000 square feet inside the Chapel.

The Samuel J. Butcher Museum has many items depicting Samuel J. Butcher's life, family, and artistic creations. He has shared his faith with thousands of people over the years and the Precious Moments Supporting Foundation, the owner and operator of the Chapel since January 1st, 2008, will continue to sustain and share the joy of the Chapel and Sam Butcher's legacy for many years to come.

The Visitor Center houses the World's largest Precious Moments Gift Shop as well as a year-round Christmas Shop with many different brands to choose from. There is a snack shop and atrium filled with animated figurines and a running stream through a castle moat.

When you start your journey from the Visitor Center to the Chapel, you will walk through beautiful gardens and see statues and fountains created by Mr. Butcher. Soft music plays along your walk and you may see a deer run across the fields in the distance. In front of the Chapel, a new Precious Moments Chapel Memorial Brick Program has begun on the Chapel Plaza. Anyone can purchase a memory brick that will be part of the Chapel for years to come. You will be able to view Grandpa's Island with a castle built for Mr. Butcher's grandchildren. There is also resurrection cave, an actual cave with a Precious Moments figures depicting the resurrection of Christ.

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This is the most inspirational place i have ever been, i have been to the chapel several times and each time it is just as inspirational as the first. You can just see and feel that mr. Butcher was led by the hand of god. I am going back again this weekend with three of my childhood girlfriends, two of which have never been there. Im looking so forward to see their amazement of this beautiful place. I have another story to tell about this wonderful place and mr. Butcher. In jaanuary 1999 , my son and his wife had a baby who was stillborn. So in february or march my daughter-in-law, myself ,my daughter and grandchildren went to the precious moments chapel. Just so happened that day mr. Butcher was there in his office and my daughter-in-law went in and talked to him and told him about the baby, then in a few minutes after she came out of his office he had his secretary bring out a little figurine, and give to my daughter-in-law, which was a baby laying on a cloud which is called safe in the arms of jesus, and which i thought was remarkable that he had in his office at that particular time.
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