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This image features a group of people looking at a large, stationary replica of the Titanic ship next to an artificial iceberg, likely part of a themed attraction or exhibit.

Branson's Masters of Magic Theatre

2353 State Highway 248 Branson , MO 65616
Branson's Masters of Magic Theatre is located at 2353 State Highway 248 Brunson, MO. The Branson's Masters of Magic Theatre is the former Kurby VanBurch Theatre. The building itself looks like a genie's castle. Expect to be entertained and amazed while watching the illusionists and magicians perform a variety of tricks and illusions. The shows are perfect for the budding magician or just for a night out on the town. Animals are usually used in the acts and other special effects had to the viewing pleasure. While Kurby VanBurch made this theatre his home for about 20 years, other artists have continued making magic in the theatre. This is a place to go for an evening full of magic, wonder, and entertainment. The theatre is located in what is called the Branson mall and is surrounded by other theatres and a variety of different entertainment. There are many other activities and attractions to visit while in Branson. Some of these places include Table Rock Lake which is a nice place to hike and fish, the College of the Ozarks where the students prepare and serve food that was grown in their gardens, the Silver Dollar City which has plenty of stores for shopping, the Titanic Museum which provides a chance for to learn more about the history of the ship, and the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery which is a fun educational stop.  

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