Caravelle Theatre in Branson, MO

3446 West State Highway 76 Branson, MO 65616
The following shows play at Caravelle Theatre:
Liverpool Legends Photo
4/23/2018 - 12/5/2018
If you went to the Liverpool Legends show in Branson without knowing that the original Beatles aren't around any more, then you would surely mistake these performers for the real rock n' roll innovators, George, John, Paul, and Ringo.
4.7 Star Rating4.7 Star Rating4.7 Star Rating4.7 Star Rating4.7 Star Rating
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The following shows PREVIOUSLY played at Caravelle Theatre:
Hank Williams Revisited Photo
In Hank Williams Revisited, Tim Hadler honors the music of the man many consider to be the greatest country singer to ever grace the stage for a nostalgic look into the glory years of country music.
4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
Rock and Roll Revival  Photo
Join the Rock and Roll Revival boys for a great time in Branson, MO; Darrel Croy, Steve Ragsdale, and Dave Lawrence embody some of the best performers in the industry, so sit back, relax, and bask in the nostalgia.
4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
Caravelle Theatre houses three of Branson's most popular shows in a beautiful setting.

At the Caravelle Theatre, you can see Tony Roi's Elvis Tribute, the high-energy of the 60's and more. During the party that is the #1 Hits of the 60's show, you can reminisce about the times of Motown, the Beatle's Invasion, the Age of Aquarius and California Surfin'. Recently, DuDu Fischer has performed on the Caravelle stage. Fischer is most well-known for his performance as Jean Valijean in "Les Miserables" on Broadway.

Bringing together both comedy and great music the Caravelle Theater caters to what people coming to Branson want to see. With over 800 seats, every member of the audience can have an incredible view of the performance.

After the show, check out some of the top attractions in the area. The theater is conveniently located on the Branson "Strip," putting it within walking distance of the Mickey Gilley and Jim Stafford Theatres, as well as some accommodating hotels, including Clarion Hotel at the Palace and the Melody Inn.

Theater Details

Seating Capacity: Over 800

Gift Shop: There is a gift shop.

Parking: Free on-site parking

Concession & Dining: There is a concession stand available on site.

Photography: Cameras are allowed, but not during the show.

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