Waltzing Waters Theatre in Branson, MO

3617 W 76 Country Blvd Branson, MO 65616
This theater is no longer in operation. 

The Waltzing Waters Show is the pride of Branson, Missouri. The Waltzing Waters show features exactly what the name suggests: fountains of water dancing in variously colored light to the beat of beautiful music. Simple, really, but fascinating and immensely popular. Waltzing Waters was originally the brainchild of Otto Przystawik in 1920s Germany. It was a smash hit as soon as it was introduced in Berlin. It remained so popular that Otto’s son Gunter eventually brought the show over the ocean to the U.S. Waltzing Waters caught on here as well with several shows still in existence throughout the states.

However, the Waltzing Waters masterpiece remains in Branson, Missouri which boasts 500 fountains and 15,000 watts of light. Like every such show, the effect is entrancing, breathtaking, and utterly fascinating. For many years the Waltzing Waters were accompanied by The Amazing Frederick. He had been such a huge part of the show that after he died in 2006, the show shut down for a time. However, it reopened its doors three years later with a new routine and accompanied by brand new music. For most of the time since it has remained unaltered.

It cannot be denied that the venue has definitely had its rough patches in recent years and has needed some updating to remain a popular attraction. However, it has managed to maintain that popular status. Although the show is probably more popular among the older crowd, it is the perfect entertainment for the whole family. Kids are even invited up after the performance to check out the Fountain Keyboard control booth. They will be truly amazed to actually try out controlling these dancing fountains all on their own!

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