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Things to Do in Branson in February 2022

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Bring your Valentine to Branson, MO to experience tons of fun! From fun dinner shows to tons of entertainment, you can impress your special someone. Be sure to check out all of the great hotel options as well to create the perfect celebration getaway.

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Top February Things To Do In Branson
Feb 1, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022
Grand Country Music Hall
Family Pass
The Grand Country Music Hall Brings Fun to February It can be challenging to find fun winter activities for the whole family to enjoy this season, but a trip to the Grand Country Music Hall is a must. Based in Branson, Missouri, the Grand Country Music Hall is a family-friendly resort that offers endless entertainment and fun for all age groups. During the month of February, the resort offers many concerts to choose from, ranging in type from music to comedy and more, and they are conveniently available at various times throughout the day. With each concert lasting roughly two hours, the musical concerts feature everything from Old School Country to Ozarks Gospel, and the hilarious comedy specials will keep your family laughing all night long. There is even an Amazing Pets show, featuring talented animals rescued from countrywide humane societies. February is the perfect time to visit the Grand Country Music Hall and give your family a reason to smile during this winter season.
Feb 2, 2022 to Feb 27, 2022
National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson, MO
A great place to visit during the month of February is the National Tiger Sanctuary, located in Branson, Missouri. The various tours are approximately one to two hours long and are appropriate for tourists of all ages. The sanctuary is host to more than a dozen lions and tigers and leaves tourists with an amazing experience. The guided walking tours, along with the knowledge of an experienced staff, help create a memorable visit for the entire family. Some of the tours include those such as the Awareness Tour, the Behind-the-Scenes Tour, the Feeding Tour and the You Feed the Cats Guided Tour. Additionally, there is a five hour tour, the National Tiger Sanctuary Day with the Director Tour, which allows guests to learn about animal care, feed the animals and includes lunch, a t-shirt, calendar and photo. The tours are handicap accessible and both cameras and video cameras are permitted. There is a gift shop on-site for those seeking souvenirs of their memorable day. Free parking is available at the site.
Feb 1, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022
Branson's Celebrity Car Museum
If you love going to car shows, you'll love to visit the Branson's Celebrity Car Museum. You'll get to test drive one of your favorite cars. You'll also get a chance to see the competitions. Your favorite cars will be on display. If you want to learn more about cars, you should head on over to the museum. If you want to surprise your family, you can book rooms at the Super 8 Hotel. You'll have a nice time by the pool. You can video your mini vacation with your iPhone. You can post your video on your own social media page. You can even buy a souvenir at the museum. Your friends will dream of having that special car with you. You can take turns snapping pictures of the cars and standing in front of them. You'll have a blast finding out about the latest technical advances in the cars. Your pictures will make nice post cards. You can mail them to your mom and dad. The trip will be considered every year around your vacation time.
Feb 1, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022
Branson Farm Mini Golf
On a nice day in February, a visit to Branson Farm Mini Golf is an ideal trip. This is an 18 holes farm-themed golf course designed for children and adults. The course has animated animals, a water tower, milk shed, and a pond. All levels of golfing skills are welcome. Book an appointment for the morning or afternoon or call to inquire. On a day off from school mini golf is an ideal way to spend the day. Check out some of the other activities at Grand Country after you play mini-golf to make it a full day out. Check out some of our live shows and book a reservation the same day. We have Grand Jubilee a group that plays country, rock and roll, and gospel music. The Comedy Jamboree has comedy, dance, country, and gospel music in one show. All shows are family-oriented. The Amazing Pets show has trained dogs and cats that perform amazing tricks. There are several groups to choose from. Book a date for mini-golf and eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Grand Country Buffet with a buffet breakfast and country-style entrees. Branson Farm Mini Golf and Grand Country are located in Branson, Missouri.
Feb 1, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022
Veterans Memorial Museum
There is a little jewel in the Ozarks and it is the Veterans Memorial Museum located in Branson, Mo. It houses over 2,000 artifacts that are showcased with the aid of actual veterans who contributed to display. You can learn about the items and read the stories that cover them and the experiences that will be sure to give you knowledge and a sense of pride. So, if you have some down time in February, this could be the perfect trip to come see the amazing exhibits from World War I, World War II and Korea along with Vietnam and even Desert Storm. You can experience the courage and honor that is heart felt throughout the museum as you tour and observe the historical exhibits. The names of our brave Americans who were killed in action are displayed and this alone will give you that sense of American pride and will usher in the type of inspiration that creates memories forever. You will not forget seeing and experiencing this museum of history.
Feb 1, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022
Beyond the Lens Branson
It's February and you may want to grab that special loved one to have some exciting fun in Branson, Mo. There in the Ozarks you can head to a new museum that is the setting for memories of a lifetime. This new museum is brand new and is set to amaze all its visitors and even inform and educate you about the oddities and unique things all around the world. This brand new museum is Beyond The Lens. It is an interactive museum of fun and adventure. The exhibits are distinctive and eccentric. They include adventures from the start by actually entering the museum by way of The Human Kaleidoscope. This giant kaleidoscope will bring dazzle to your visit from the start as it leads you to the exhibits, you will get to experience stunning images and astounding videos. As you make your way through the museum will see oddities and originals from Big Foot to UFOs along with the many conspiracy theories that come along with it. This is one to see.
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